Director’s Blog: November 2021

Excitement started to build as soon as Halloween was imminent.  Now, November ushers in  all of the rest of  the  year’s fall holidays.  This is a time of thanksgiving and gratitude that seems to explode now, even more than at other times of the year.

On behalf of the staff of the Fulton County Library System, I say to all of you, thank you.  Our gratitude is to all of the Library’s patrons who continue to support us day after day; and especially this year.

You remained with us as we accepted the changes and challenges  brought on by the pandemic, and you embraced every pivot we found ourselves needing to make. 

That leads me to invite you to continue using our libraries, or to start using them.  You are further  invited at this time to re-energize and prioritize your way forward  by getting a library cared, or renewing your card.   It is a small, square card; but it can give you a lot of power to invest in yourself.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself having to pivot during these unusual times.  You may have faced, or you may be about to face, a job change; a home relocation; changes in family dynamics; a loss of family and friends;  health concerns; a need to seek additional education or job training; or you are facing retirement.  Please know that the Library can be a resource for you through all of it. 

There are online classes; other virtual resources; and print materials that can assist many of your needs and interests.  If your favorite library location does not have what you seek, ask about putting the item on hold so you are set to receive it when it becomes available.  Or, if an item is not in the Library System, consider the Inter-Library Loan process, where staff can locate resources for you  from other public library systems or from academic institutions.  

There is much to learn, do and share.  Holiday memoires can still be made; tweaked and enjoyed.   Gratitude is all around for our choosing.  We are grateful to you. 

Take care.