Director’s Blog: November 2022

November is upon us, bringing observances such as Veterans’ Day and the Thanksgiving holiday. 


Our veterans are of note because of their dedication, courage and sacrifice.  Their families should be included in all the accolades we give to veterans and that they so well deserve.  Serving in our armed forces is one of the highest commitments that humankind can make.

Please take the time to show reverence to their service.  Stop by your local library and read historical accounts of men and women on the front lines, as well as information on today’s military.


Thanksgiving is now an all-time favorite holiday.  It ushers in a slower pace where all of us seem to move in lock step toward gatherings of family and friends, and getting in touch with those things that bring smiles to faces and joy in our hearts.  Pull out those cookbooks, or gather some from the library, and start meal planning for festive moments throughout the holiday season. 


This November, Library staff will be engaged in bringing the scope of the recently completed Strategic Plan to action.  The areas of focus will be on early literacy; collaborations that empower entrepreneurship, job training skills, and career planning assistance; and with addressing digital literacy and inclusion needs.

The Library staff will seek better  ways to take library service to non-users and to outreach partners.  We will ask for your feedback from time to time.  Please know that your feedback is welcome and allows us to know what you enjoy about the libraries and what you expect from them. 


Although this month may see an uptick in your daily chores, and places to go, know that we hope to see you at the Library.  You are wished a happy Thanksgiving and some time to relax, read, and reflect.