Director’s Blog: October 2021

Today is one of the most special days ever for the Fulton County Library System (FCLS). The reason it is so special is because the Central Library, our headquarters, re-opens to the public after being closed for renovations.

The renovations have taken a bit over two years to complete; but, and I hope you will agree, it was worth it!

The Central Library is the last building of the late architect, Marcel Breuer. The main thought was to make sure that the renovated library pays homage to his use of angles, dimension, line and sight. Come see if you can remember how it used to look. 

The building and renovation program started as the result of a 2008 bond referendum at a total cost of $275 million. The extraordinary planning and work spanned 13 years and weathered all sorts of things, including a pandemic that had not been seen in 100 years! The work never stopped. 

That is why this is proud moment. The Fulton County Library System is a shining star among the best of the best libraries in the nation. 

Therefore, you and your entire crew are invited, at your leisure, to come and pay a visit to a place that makes you forget how it looked, and functioned, in the past. There is light, brightness, newness and wonder. You will experience the library as you use the library. There are places to sit and ponder, materials to checkout, state-of-the art spaces and technology. There will be numerous classes, events, exhibits, author talks, lecture series and conferences, etc. as we move forward. In fact, the facility offers a conference center that, very soon, will be a destination place that can be booked for events.   

Additionally, partnership opportunities will be created to offer the best resources to help you build job skills, gain information on career paths, prepare for tests and enhance research techniques. Computer, ESL and GED classes will return to Central to help you prepare for the future. 

Come in and browse the collections and the artwork. Viewing the art is a wonderful experience on its own. The art is juxtaposed among the books and other materials in a symbiosis that grabs the mind and senses. The other libraries will also enhance their offerings in substantive ways and the Library's virtual presence is still a major service for everyone. All 34 libraries of the FCLS are now open. 

If you've been away from the Library longer than you care to remember, that's alright. It awaits you like a lifelong friend.

See you soon...