Favorite Genre Reads of Fulton County Library System Patrons

The October-December Online Book Club pick is that instant classic of the True Crime genre, Michelle McNamara's I'll Be Gone in the Dark. While True Crime books and documentaries have been enjoying a recent boost in popularity, the overall check-outs of Fulton County Library System patrons who use Overdrive and the Libby app remain relatively low in this genre.

The genres in this chart are categorized by publishers for marketing reasons, leading to overlap of categorization for many titles. For example, a book detailing a historical crime involving a politician may be categorized as True Crime, History, and Biography. Total circulation for this period is less than the sum of the above reported circulation by genre.

Our purchasing for Overdrive and the Libby app is based on holds and recommended titles from our patrons, so make sure to have your voice heard if you feel your favorite genre is under represented! All patrons can suggest up to fifteen titles per month on the Overdrive site. Once a title available for licensing on the Overdrive or Libby app is recommended by five or more patrons within a ninety day period, the recommended title goes on a buy list that is purchased as budget permits. Those who have recommended a title have their recs automatically converted to holds once the item is in our collection. Click the recommend button on the records of unowned works as pictured below, or read Overdrive and Libby instructions for recommendations on that platform's help site.

Recommend unowned/unlicensed works in Overdrive or the Libby app up to 15 times per month using the instructions at this link: https://help.overdrive.com/en-us/0860.html