Graphic Novel Review: Princeless by Jeremy Whitley

Looking for your next read? Check out Princeless by Jeremy Whitley, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Hannah M.

After her father sends her away to live in a tower, guarded by a dragon, in order to find a worthy knight to be her husband, Princess Adrienne starts to accept her life. Until, one day, she decides she’s had enough. Taking her faithful guardian dragon, Sparky, with her on her journey, Adrienne sets out to find her own place outside of a world where damsels must be in distress, and female warriors wear bikini armor. Her half-dwarf friend Bedelia joins her, and together they go on their own epic quest.

A refreshing take on “the princess saves herself” and a graphic novel that fans of Princess Cimorene from Patricia Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles will love, Princeless is a fun and exciting story. It challenges everything we ever thought about fairy tales and happy everafters. It tosses notions of gender conformity out the window. Just as Princess Adrienne takes her destiny into her own hands, she reminds girls of all ages to straighten their crown and hold their head high.

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Princeless1, The Arduous Business of Getting Rescued

Princeless 2, Get Over Yourself

Princeless 3, The Pirate Princess

Princeless 4, Be Yourself

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