Hispanic Heritage Month

Looking for resources to help your celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 - October 15? Fulton County Library System has over two hundred Spanish language magazine titles available to give you some contemporary material for inspiration! Need help reading, speaking, or teaching Spanish? We've got you covered with Mango, the language learning platform made available to all libraries in Georgia through the Georgia Public Library Service and GALILEO.

Weather you are interested in Latin American Spanish or Castillian, need a course in either tongue for business, legal, medical, romance, librarians or texting, Mango's conversation-based methodology is a proven path to success. The platform contains loads of educator resources, including downloadable handouts and blog posts like "Cheat Sheet to Speaking Spanish like a Pro in Three Different Countries". Explore Mango with the video link below, or go ahead and click into the resource from our web page to get the best online language instruction for free with your Fulton County Library System card.

The YouTube video "How Mango Works" will open when this link is clicked.