Make a Father’s Day Gift!

Looking for something special for your dad for Father's Day this weekend? Why not learn how to make a Father's Day Pop-Up Card with Creativebug!

Make a pop-up card for Father's Day with Creative Bug!Creativebug is our how-to resource where every crafting class comes with full video transcriptions, a clear materials list, and PDF downloads for those who like to print their instructions. Each class also comes with a discussion board so you can engage with the instructor and other library patrons making the same crafts. Whatever your crafting skill level, Creativebug is here to help you with your party activity, classroom project assignment, home made gift needs, or just keeping kids entertained. 

If pop-up cards sound like too much of a challenge, why not make Dad a Keepsake Book? You can fill this Keepsake Book with your own pictures and writings for something he can treasure forever. Whatever use choose to create for Father's Day, the library and Creativebug are here to help.

Just be sure to ask Dad before turning his old button downs into Artist Smocks! 

The comments section of Creative Bug lets you interact with other crafters and creators!