Picture Book Review: Hey! A Colorful Mystery by Kate Read

Looking for your next read? Check out Hey! A Colorful Mystery by Kate Read, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Amber C.

One day in the quiet deep, blue sea, a tiny pink fish says “hey!” to get someone to play with him. Due to a series of misunderstandings, a rumor of a vicious fish spreads and snowballs and scares off all of the colorful fish. One by one, they are drawn in by the growing scary tale – the red octopus was rattled, the purple puffer fish was petrified, and startled the blue shoal. The rainbow fish menagerie flees to the safety of a cave. When, uh-oh! They learn too late that it’s no cave at all, but the mouth of a whale!

Readers will love the Ezra Jack Keats Illustrator Honor Award-winner Kate Read, colorful depictions of oceanic wildlife. This story is a version of the telephone game, and shows how quickly messages change and grow. As the scary story spreads, readers will see a variety of sea life, colors, and learn how gossip spreads. This book is a great interactive read aloud, as well as those learning their colors, themes of friendship and learning about marine life

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