Picture Book Review: I Do Not Like Books Anymore! by Daisy Hirst

Looking for your next read? Check out I Do Not Like Books Anymore! by Daisy Hirst, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Anne A.

Natalie and her little brother Alphonse love books. They especially enjoy when their parents read them stories. When Natalie gets her first easy reading book from school, she is excited. However, when she tries to read by herself, she realizes that reading is not as easy as it seems. She is also disappointed at the simplicity of the book that she is trying to read. Eventually she gets frustrated and declares, “I do not like books anymore!” She decides she will just make up her own stories instead of reading. With the help of Alphonse, she makes up a story about their toys. When Alphonse wants to hear the story again, they decide to make their own book. They draw the pictures, and they have their dad write the words. Natalie is relieved that she can read the story that she created.

I loved this adorable story about monster siblings Natalie and Alphonse. I can relate to Natalie’s frustration. As a child I was excited to learn to read but annoyed that it was not as easy as I expected. One day my mother gave me a library book that grabbed me, and then everything just clicked. From that book on, I was an avid reader. This story reminds beginning readers that reading takes practice and repetition, but eventually they will get it too.

I Do Not Like Books Anymore! is available to be placed on hold and checked out at any Fulton County library. It is also available as a read-along VOX book. If you enjoy this book, be sure to check out Natalie and Alphonse’s other adventures: Alphonse There’s Mud on the Ceiling and Alphonse That Is Not OK to Do. Borrow this delightful book tonight and have fun reading!

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I Do Not Like Books Anymore!

I Do Not Like Books Anymore!

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