Picture Book Review: Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann

Looking for your next read? Check out Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Anne A.

Officer Buckle is a police officer who goes to the local schools giving safety lectures. The students are usually bored and tend to fall asleep during these talks. One day his department gets a dog named Gloria. She begins going with Officer Buckle to all of his lectures. The students start paying attention and sending letters telling Officer Buckle how great his speeches are. Soon he is booked to speak at every school and college in the area. He even makes the local news. However, when Buckle watches the tape of the newscast, he realizes that Gloria is the real star. Behind his back she is pantomiming what would happen if each safety tip is not followed. The results are hilarious, but Buckle is hurt. He thinks the students only want to see Gloria, so he sends her alone to the next lecture. Gloria just sits on the stage and eventually goes to sleep. Everyone is bored. The students write to Buckle and ask why he didn’t come too. Then Officer Buckle realizes that he and Gloria make a great team together.

Children will love this thoughtful and enjoyable story. The pictures of Gloria acting out the safety tips are hilarious. While being funny, this story delivers an important message of team work. Also all of Officer Buckle’s safety tips are legitimate. For example “Safety Tip # 77: Never Stand on a Swivel Chair” is something one really shouldn’t do. This tip and others may be obvious and sometimes silly, but serious injuries could occur if they aren’t followed.

Officer Buckle and Gloria is available to be placed on hold and checked out at any branch. This story is also available as an eBook on Overdrive and an audiobook on Hoopla and eRead Kids. There is a video of the book on Access Video for Kids. Borrow a copy to today and let Officer Buckle and Gloria “teach” you about safety.

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Officer Buckle and Gloria

Officer Buckle and Gloria eBook

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