Picture Book Review: Sally Jean, The Bicycle Queen by Cari Best

Looking for your next read? Check out Sally Jean, The Bicycle Queen by Cari Best, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Kate L.

In this picture book we meet eight-year-old Sally Jean who loves her trusty bike, Flash more than anything. They go on adventures together and ride like the wind.

Sally Jean has loved riding bikes ever since she was a tiny tot on the back of her mom’s bicycle. When she was two, she got a trike; when she was four, her dad got her a secondhand bike that grew and grew with her until Sally Jean just grew too big for it.

Since her parents couldn’t afford a new bike now, Sally Jean helps out at a neighbor’s junk yard every day after school, getting some odds and ends for a new bike. A brilliant idea comes to her when a small kid asks her to blow up his tires. Sally Jean opens a bike shop on her front steps helping the neighborhood kids. By the end of summer, she has a bit of money saved and with an old, rusty wheel set found in the junkyard she sets to work. Slowly, a new and shiny bike emerges from all the hard work and Sally Jean names it Lightning. Now she’s the bicycle queen one more time and just like a queen, she gives her old bike Flash, to a small boy who’ll love it just as much as she did.

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Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen

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