Picture Book Review: Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson

Looking for your next read? Check out Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Anne A.

Rabbit loves carrots. He loves them so much that his home is full of them. As a result, Rabbit has no place to sleep, so he asks his friend Tortoise if he can spend the night with him in his shell. All is well until Tortoise trips and rolls down a hill breaking his shell. Now he and Rabbit need a place to sleep, so they go to see Bird. Bird agrees to share her nest, but Rabbit’s carrots break the tree branch that it rests on. Now all the friends need a place to stay, so they go to Squirrel who has room in her tree, but Rabbit’s carrots crack it too. Finally, the animals find Beaver who has a large home on the river. Unfortunately, the carrots along with a rainstorm destroy his house as well. Rabbit realizes he needs to stop hoarding his carrots and share them with his friends, so everyone can stay in his cozy burrow.

This cute story teaches the importance of sharing and friendship. Children will love the silly illustrations of Rabbit hauling his pile of carrots around. Rabbit’s friends don’t get angry with him even as he destroys all their homes with his carrots. They accept him and his faults showing that they are true friends.

Too Many Carrots is available for checkout at any Fulton County library. If you enjoyed this story, you might like The Perfect Birthday Recipe, The Golden Acorn, and A Loud Winter’s Nap which all feature the same animal characters. This delightful book is available as a print book and a read-along VOX book. It is also on Hoopla as an audiobook and an eBook. You can also find it on eRead Kids as an audiobook. Borrow it tonight and make some new animal friends.

Check out Too Many Carrots on Hoopla, eReadKids, or from your branch's shelves with your library card today!

Too Many Carrots

Too Many Carrots

Too Many Carrots (Vox Book Read-a-long)

Too Many Carrots eBook Read-a-long from eReadKids

Too Many Carrots eBook

Too Many Carrots eAudiobook

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