Picture Book Review: Waiting is Not Easy! by Mo Willems

Looking for your next read? Check out Waiting is Not Easy! by Mo Willems, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Anne A.

Have you ever had to wait for a big surprise? Piggie has a wonderful surprise for Gerald the Elephant, but he has to wait for it. Gerald groans and complains. He hates waiting. Waiting is not fun. Finally when the day is over, Gerald worries that he has wasted the whole day waiting. When it gets dark, Piggie reveals the surprise which is the beautiful starry night sky. Gerald learns that some things are worth the wait.

Young readers will love the simple and repetitive wording that makes this book an easy read. They will also relate to Gerald. Waiting is hard for young children especially if there’s a big surprise involved. Parents will appreciate the message that not everything is instantaneous which is important in today’s society where people expect things to happen immediately. This fun story reminds everyone that sometimes waiting is necessary.

You can place this book on hold or check it out at your local branch. This story is one of the books in the Elephant and Piggie series. All of these stories are available throughout the Fulton County Library System. Remember if a copy is not available right now, this delightful story is worth the wait!

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Waiting Is Not Easy!

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