Push to Finals with Library Homework Help

With the end of the school year and academic semester within sight, it's essay and final report time, and Fulton County Library System has online resources to help! Get feedback and help with your reports and essays before you turn them in with Paper.co.

We've posted previously about our SAT and ACT test prep resources, and about how Paper.co can help educators formulate plans to assist students with high frequency tutoring. Less well known is that students can turn in essays and reports to qualified tutors on Paper.co for an advance look at how they might be graded. You can read a case study on how Paper.co can raise writing scores to A's at one high school here.

Paper.co is available to all library card holders and Atlanta Public School students and employees through CLASS PASS. Click here or on the screen shot below to learn more about Paper.co in a one minute YouTube video.