What is High-Dosage Tutoring?

One of the academic recovery options being explored by educators this year is high-dosage tutoring (HDT). An eBook on this subject by Paper.co, our best online tutoring service, is available for download with no wait at this link.

Download a booklet on high-dosage tutoring with no wait from Paper.co

Incorporating ten evidence-based criteria for successful HDT from researchers at Brown University, MIT, University of Chicago, this eBook includes example implementations in districts across the nation, with perspectives on the long-term role of HDT in education from experts in the field.

Get ahead in discussions with parents and faculty on this hot topic by downloading this eBook today, and explore the Paper.co platform to see what it can offer the students in your life. Want to explore more trends in education? Check out Paper.co's blog where interviews with district leaders from around the nation - cities like Charlotte, San Francisco, Boston and more - are shared. Tracking trends like social emotional learning, family engagement, and more, Paper.co offers the latest in educational technology to Fulton County Library patrons.