Walk, Read & Do a Good Deed!!

Have you ever wanted to read a good book, get in some much needed physical fitness and do a good deed for someone but never hand the time to do it all at once? Well now you can! First things first, lace up your walking shoes, grab your smartphone, your Fulton County Library Card and go for a walk (jog) in your neighborhood, park /recreational center or maybe instead of taking a 15 minute snack break at work; go on a walking break. The library has thousands of audiobooks (Hoopla and Libby) for your listening pleasure. Combining reading and walking in your daily routine could aid in brain stimulation, increases reading accuracy, and reduce the feelings of unwanted stress and anxiety that the day may bring.  Take a look at an excerpt from the American Physical Therapy Association on “Top 10 Benefits of Physical Activity” https://www.choosept.com/health-tips/10-benefits-physical-activity.

*Tip: If you have a fitness tracker this is a perfect time to account for extra steps.

How can you add an act of kindness into the equation without breaking the bank? Glad you asked! Try these examples for starters; call a family member to tell them you love them, write a thank you letter to your parents, compliment a stranger, put a tip in a street musician's jar, and/ or ask "How are you?" and listen. For a full list of Good Deed Idea concepts check out Good Vibes Only Page.

Also feel free to print from Good Deed Calendar


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