Pianos for Peace featuring Founder Malek Jandali and Artist Reginald Laurent

Author: Laura Stellrecht  & Vikki Walters

 This month Central Library welcomed a new experience for patrons and community members, a hand-painted piano from Pianos for Peace. Located on the first floor, anyone is welcome to play it or enjoy the impromptu performances during our regular hours.  On Saturday August 5th, the “A Symphony for Peace” concert, featuring the piano, will start at 1pm. This program is free and open to the public. 

 Pianos for Peace is an Atlanta based non-profit founded by Malek Jandali. It is focused on using music education to build community connections. Each year, Pianos for Peace hosts a festival across multiple locations in Atlanta featuring dozens of artist-designed pianos in various parks and public spaces. The pianos are used in a series of concerts that promote the organization’s mission of peace and access to music education. Learn more about Pianos for Peace at https://pianosforpeace.org.

Artist Reginald Laurent is a native of Chicago that currently lives in Atlanta, GA. His art imitates life because it is representative of the diversity and inclusion of every culture, the backbone of what makes the world such an interesting place. The artistic irony and true narrative are reflected in the various stages during the execution of my process. My creations go through a regentrification process, and the intended result is a multi-cultural amalgamation of color that can be universally appreciated.