Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. January 15, 1929- April 4, 1968

Overview: Dr. Martin L. King Jr. was a reverend, husband, father and leader to so many multigenerational and diverse people. His legacy will outstand the test of time with words of peace, patience and equality for all. His voice echoed in the streets of Atlanta, GA, Selma, AL, Washington, DC and ultimately the world. Dr. King leaned on mentors and advisors such as Mahatma Gandhi, Benjamin Mays, Ralph Abernathy, which is a slow list of people that helped him through the Civil Rights movement and hardships of segregation.   Reverenced Dr. Martin. Luther King Jr was a beacon in his community and we salute and recognize him for his selflessness and  determination to for African- American people to be  treated with dignity and respect. 

Timeline -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Life

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Martin Luther King, Jr: Been To The Mountaintop