Who is Elizabeth P. ?

Dyslexic Librarian

Genre Fiction, Strange Nonfiction, and graphic novels are a few of my favorite things. I enjoy a wide range of reading subjects ranging from middle grades fiction to trashy romance novels. I most often read fantasy, Sci Fi, Historical Nonfiction, YA novels, and some Horror. Some of my favorite books of all time are The Cold Is in Her Bones, Daughters unto Devils, Salt: a History, and ALL of the Discworld books. 

I also enjoy reading and testing out different crafting and cookbooks. Some of my favorites are Dappled, Bravetart, and Harry Potter: Knitting Magic and Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour.

I also am a graphic novel fan and like a bit of everything from middle grades graphic novels about magical chefs, classic DC/Marvel books to nonfiction Korean cooking guides. 

Genres I read :
Science Fiction
Historical Nonfiction
Graphic Novels
Teen / Young Adult
Middle grades fiction