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personal recommendations from your librarians

personal recommendations from your librarians



We read.

A lot.  We know you do too.

While our day to day life has been transformed by public health concerns, we don't see you, our patrons.  We miss you and the conversations we have about what we read and what to read next.

And, these days, you've probably had the time to read a great deal of your 'To Read Next" list.  If your list is close to empty, and you can not browse our  shelves, we want to help.  If you are tired of your same old reads, we want to help.  If you wonder why 'that website algorithm' recommended something (they may be trying to sell you something), we can help with real, personal, recommendations.  No algorithms, no pre-made lists...just real human recommendations (via email).

We like what we read.  After all, we are professionals, it is our job to read and recommend books.  You can ask for your recommendations here.





Carolyn B (Novel Deliveries)

Carolyn B.

Librarian at the Roswell Library. Recently started the True Crime Book Club. Favorite database: NoveList. Favorite animal: Ankylosaurus.
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Elizabeth P (Novel Deliveries)

Elizabeth P.

Genre Fiction, Strange nonfiction, and graphic novels are a few of my favorite things.
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Ellen B (Novel Deliveries)

Ellen B.

Reader (print please), puzzler, extrovert who recharges by being alone, movie lover, and librarian.

Erin P (Novel Deliveries)

Erin P.

I’ve worked in libraries for the past 17 years, and most of that time has been spent as a children’s and teen librarian.
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Geoffrey B (Novel Deliveries)

Who is Geoffrey B.?

Accidental Librarian. Practiced Contrarian, Punk, and Geek. Lover of Speculative Fiction, Scifi, Fantasy and Practical Philosophy.
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Jason B (Novel Deliveries)

Jason B.

Library by day. Gamer, Reader and Hobby Enthusiast by Night.
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