Book Review: Follow Your Heart by Brenda Jackson

Looking for your next read? Check out Follow Your Heart by Brenda Jackson, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Aretha K.

This is a very easy going and sweet romance. Victoria Madaris’ great grandmother, Mama Laverne, is known for match making her grandkids with their true loves.

They’ve fought Mama Laverne tooth and nails but, in the end, love wins and each of them become happily married. Now Mama Laverne’s concentration has landed on her great-granddaughter Victoria. Unlike the others, Victoria is ready to accept her fate. But is it the man she thinks it is?

Will Mama Laverne choose one or the other? She’s never been wrong before.

Will it be Tanner Jamison? He’s yet to approach her nor does she feel any chemistry between them. Or, will it be longtime family friend and U.S. Senator, Roman Malone, who sparks her interest even though she’s vowed never to date a politician?

Should she let her guard down with the senator and follow her heart?

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Follow your Heart

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