Book Review: You Never Forget Your First by Alexis Coe

Looking for your next read? Check out You Never Forget Your First by Alexis Coe, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Meredith L.

As someone who frequently reads historical biographies, I typically love diving into a nice thick book about the person I am interested in. Alexis Coe’s book is certainly not long. At 261 pages it is relatively short compared to the countless other presidential biographies out there. However, its short length didn’t make it any less informative or enjoyable. Coe makes the case for the need of yet another Washington biography by pointing out that past biographers are mostly older men who focus on his military career. Coe spends more time discussing his private life and business affairs making Washington seem more human and relatable than the hero of more typical histories. Instead of including images that we all have seen before, Coe uses lists and charts to highlight some of the more interesting aspects of Washington’s life.

This is an excellent read for history enthusiasts and newbies alike. If you have read several Washington biographies, this book will certainly give you a new perspective. If you are someone who doesn’t typically read biographies or nonfiction this is a great introductory title.

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You Never Forget your First

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