Director’s Blog: July 2021

The year was 1776. That will soon be 245 years ago! The Declaration of Independence was signed by men who could not have known that document’s far-reaching impact on America. It has stood through the years and serves to inform our democracy.
Libraries are a lot like that document, in that they continue to stand the test of time; have great impact; and serve to inform our needs as support centers for learning, literacy, and leisure reading.

As we ready ourselves to continue emerging from the lockdown mode of the COVID-19 pandemic, let this weekend and July 4th serve to guide you to new ideas; creative and innovative endeavors; and an even greater commitment to using libraries.

Most of you never ceased to use the libraries during the pandemic. You embraced virtual programming at all age levels; made use of the curbside service and allowed us to find new ways to stay in touch with you. The libraries have reopened and we appreciate your kind words about the renovated interiors; enhanced services and technology. The staff of the Fulton County Library System (FulcoLibrary) is excited to be back in full form.

The remainder of the year will include surveys asking your thoughts on library service and programming. You will start to receive information asking for your participation in the strategic planning process, and you will be invited to the grand reopening of the Central Library.
This is an exciting time for the FulcoLibrary. Our goal is for the Central Library to re-emerge as a new entity. It will not be the old Central. It will take its place as a true asset and flagship of the Library System. Stay tuned for more about it.

Finally, half of the year is now in the past. Let’s hope the full blast of the pandemic remains a part of that past. July will close out the 2021 Summer Reading Program, which ends August 1st. Read with a child during the rest of this month; read aloud to someone this month.
Sit with your device or an actual book this month and get engrossed in tales of long ago things and places; today’s happenings; and futuristic thought. You may lose track of time while busily reading, but you’ll start preparing for the next 245 years!!!

Happy 4th of July!