Most Popular Library Downloads for 2022

Regular readers of this blog are aware of the dozens of instantly available electronic resources available from Fulton County Library System. These offerings from our Digital Library page were the most popular in 2022:

  1. Overdrive and the Libby app, with close to one million checkouts in 2022
  2. Hoopla, with close to a quarter million checkouts in 2022
  3. Freegal, with close to one hundred thousand songs streamed or downloaded in 2022
  4. Kanopy, with over fifty thousand videos watched in 2022
  5. Universal Class, with close to fifty thousand student submissions and educational videos watched in 2022
  6. Mango Languages, with close to fifty thousand language lessons completed in 2022
  7. All Infobase resources ( reference resources and educational video ), with close to forty thousand sessions in 2022
  8. GALILEO, with nearly fifteen thousand separate log-in sessions in 2022
  9. America's Newspapers, with nearly fourteen thousand log-ins in 2022
  10. ProQuest, with over thirteen thousand full text downloads in 2022

The Instantly Available page of curated content lists launched in 2022, and was a big hit! With lists of complete series, author samplers, and more, over one hundred lists were published by FCLSeResources this year. There were so many lists that we made a list of the top ten completely downloadable series for 2022, which contained some real surprises!

But what were the most popular downloadable books on our most popular electronic resource? Due to the wait times, we usually don't publish these lists. However, given the high rate of success of eBook and eAudiobook circulation this year, we thought our patrons might want to celebrate with us. 

Top Ten Most Popular eBooks or eAudiobooks at FCLS for 2022

Looking at this list, you may wonder why the wait time for some titles is higher than others. The answer is simple: some books simply cost more. While the average eBook price for a single license to a single consumer might hover around just ten dollars, the average cost of an eBook license for a library is around sixty-five dollars, and often that license must be renewed every 24 months or 54 checkouts. So if you see a title with a hold time that seems a little higher than you think it should be, know that the book is likely higher than average in cost - and that we're working hard at the library to provide the most content for your tax dollar at all times.

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