Picture Book Review: Itzhak: A Boy Who Loved the Violin by Tracy Newman

Looking for your next read? Check out Itzhak: A Boy Who Loved the Violin by Tracy Newman, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Adrienne D.

This award-winning book chronicles Itzhak Perlman’s young life growing up in a poor immigrant family in Israel, facing challenges with polio that limited his participation in typical children’s physical activities but used his musical gifts to learn the play violin.

Tracy Newman’s description of how Itzhak Perlman loved music as a baby paired with Abigail Halpin’s beautiful watercolor illustrations engage readers to fully understand how music impacted Itzhak’s young life. In addition, the vivid pictures of Itzhak playing the violin with the musical terms and notes coming out of the pictures make it look like you are listening to him play. Readers can “feel” how much young Itzhak loved music and how talented he was. The way that Tracy Newman described Itzhak’s musical talents considering his physical challenges is moving. Young musicians can say, “Hey look what Mr. Perlman did and I can do that, too.”

In addition to this wonderful biography are some great resources in the back of the book, including author and illustrator notes, a bibliography, and a timeline.

Itzhak: A Boy Who Loved the Violin: The Story of Young Itzhak Perlman is a perfect read this spring by parents, children, and teachers during Jewish American Heritage Month and because Itzhak Perlman will be the featured guest with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in May.

Check out Itzhak: A Boy Who Loved the Violin on Hoopla, or from your branch's shelves with your library card today!


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