Picture Book Review: The Mitten by Jan Brett

Looking for your next read? Check out The Mitten by Jan Brett, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Kate L.

Beloved children’s author and illustrator, Jan Brett, tells the story of a mitten, adapted from a Ukrainian folktale. Now that may not sound too exciting for a book, a story about a mitten. But it is…and it will be a book you will read and reread to your children.

It all starts with a young boy named Nicki who begs and begs his grandmother, Baba, to knit him some snow-white mittens. His grandmother wisely says he’ll only lose those in the snow but gives in to Nicki’s insistence and knits some anyway. As soon as Nicki sets out for a snowy day adventure, he loses one of his mittens and the story follows what happens to the mitten in the snow. First, a mole burrows itself inside, then a snowshoe hare. They make room for a hedgehog, an owl, a badger, a fox and even a bear, because which animal would argue with a bear? Now the mitten is all stretched out, but Baba’s knitting is still holding. Finally, a small meadow mouse joins this motley crew and sits on the bear’s nose. Is there room for more? Will Baba’s good knitting hold? Will Nicki ever get his mitten back? You’ll have to read it to find out.

The beautiful illustrations really bring this story to life. On every page, in a mitten shape, we see the parallel story of Nicki playing in the snow and which animal will come into the story next.

You can check out this book and other great reads by Jan Brett from your local Fulton County library…and if there’s a wait time for it, it is sure worth it.

Check out The Mitten on Libby, or from your branch's shelves with your library card today!

The Mitten

The Mitten

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