Director’s Blog: January 29, 2021

The chill remains in the air; there are still numerous questions all around us, about many things; and they all seem to greatly affect our day-to-day lives as we've never before experienced. Stick with it; find your resolve. 

In the library, we resolve to focus on African American History Month and Presidents' Day during the second month of this new year. Please check for those programs and materials of interest to you on those subjects, and all others. Stay tuned in March for the observance of Women's History Month.

Each month, programming will center on traditional and seasonal messaging, as well as showcase trending information about people, places and things that we hope you will find interesting.  There are plans to add more podcasts and more virtual book reviews. We may repeat some of them for your enjoyment and as a refresher. We hope you enjoyed the craft programs and handouts that you received during December.

Around the nation, libraries, ours as well, continue to re-evaluate  programs and services; and to  re-imagine libraries amid this pandemic, which morphs almost daily. You will be kept informed of changes and tweaks to service as they happen throughout the Fulton County Library System (FCLS).

Very soon, we expect to have the completion of the Hapeville Library and the completion of the renovation of the Central Library.  That is so exciting!  At both locations, the finishing touches are being placed on furniture, fixtures, equipment and technology.  Books and other materials are being re-shelved by staff.  Along with all of that activity, staff continue to offer streaming programs for all ages; book reviews and lists; and to suggest titles and authors to you for your enjoyment, learning and sharing.  When you have a moment, go to the newly upgraded website and have a look. 

Don't forget that the Library offers Chromebooks and hotspots for checkout; Wi-Fi after hours connectivity in the parking lots of 31 libraries; and remote printing, so that your copies will be available for you to pickup at curbside, with up to 10 free ones. 

Remind your children who attend Atlanta Public Schools of the CLASS PASS opportunity. They can use their student identification number to access information online at the Library and to checkout and download materials. 

February is a short month; but there is much to do. We appreciate that you use and support libraries. Your enthusiasm fuels the work we do, the plans we make, and the decisions that guide our focus.   

Have a great Valentines' Day, and an even better February.