Director’s Blog: June 7, 2021


Welcome back to the Library! As of June 1st, 33 of the libraries are now open Monday through Saturday for you to visit. Come on in and browse, use computers and sit awhile. 

Meeting, conference, and study rooms are not yet ready for use, but we are working to make that happen. The Central Library has a planned re-opening in mid-September. Please stay tuned for more updates about Central as we move forward. 

You will also be invited to some outdoor programs, especially now that the Summer Reading Program is in full swing until August 1st. The 2021 theme is “Tails and Tales.” Please check out the website for a listing of outdoor and virtual programs.

Additionally, June ushers in the observance of Black Music Month, Gay Pride Month, Juneteenth on June 19th, Father’s Day on June 20th, and the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere happening between June 20th and June 22nd, along with World Music Day on June 21st.  At the library, you can read all about these special dates, and their histories. 

Let your busy days settle down enough for you to find time to read some books on the aforementioned topics; other things you’ve always wanted to research; or, just spend some time with a good book of fiction. 

Speaking of fiction, if you are like me, you probably keep a long list of books you plan to read. For me, my list is filled with all types of interesting titles.  I just started reading Sunny Hostin’s book, Summer on the Bluffs.  The television host and attorney has written a wonderfully interesting fictional account of Black inhabitants of Martha‘s Vineyard.  In reality, the book gives a history lesson about African Americans who have owned property there since the 1800s. 

Prior to reading that book, I was caught up in the character study of a fairly dysfunctional family featured in Amanda Eyre Ward’s book The Jetsetters.  It explores the complexities of love lost, love desired, and love that goes unappreciated amid plans and secrets.  Come see us and discover the books that speak to you. 

One last thing: don’t forget that the Library has travel books.  I know you may still have some hesitancy regarding venturing far from home, but you may want to check out info on various locations for travel in the future.

A good place to start is your local library!  Since I am a list maker, additions are constantly made and changed to fit whatever is of interest to me.  I am longing to see some lighthouses this summer; so the list changed. 

Whatever your fancy, start your list, research it at the Library, and prepare to follow your dreams.  Welcome back!