Director’s Blog: October 28, 2020

We are in the fourth quarter of a year that has seen nothing but challenges and change.  It is true that the only thing constant is change;  and, if you are like me, you’ve found yourself juggling ways to deal with it. 

Well, this is to thank all of you for helping all of us at the Library to navigate changes and challenges, during the pandemic. 

Curbside service continues to work well.  Since it started in July, there have been 203, 182 items placed on hold and picked up.  From June until now, we’ve had 9,549 library card sign ups.  So we now know that you did not forget the Library!  You made it a part of your everyday existence; and, although things may not  have been seamless, they have been somewhat manageable. 

We continue to enjoy being a part of your lives and appreciate that you have embraced virtual resources; streaming storytime programs; online book talks for teens and adults; online cooking programs; and many others. 

Many of you have used social media to stay in touch and sent numerous comments about the  service you’ve received; the content you’ve enjoyed; and the assistance you’ve found at your local library.  You’ve also made us aware that you really want to be able to enter the libraries to enjoy more traditional services.  We want that for you as well. 

We continue to plan how the next phased in level of service  will look and be presented, as we explore paths forward.  Please know that your safety, and that of the staff, is very much a part of our thinking and planning. 

The skies have been overcast lately; there is a  decided coolness in the air; and the year wanes away.  Grab a coffee and a good book; read aloud to a child, or to an adult; and think about the next 8-12 weeks that will bring with them the holidays, in whatever form you like.  If not yet ready to celebrate,  check out the Library’s new books on decorating and remodeling.  That’ll get you going!