Director’s Blog: September 21, 2020

Hello and thank you for embracing Curbside Service. It is going well because of you and the Library’s dedicated staff. 
Taking books and other materials to your car, or to you as you walk up to the brick and mortar library is definitely a non-traditional form of service delivery. However, it has allowed us to maintain our connections with all of you throughout the various communities. The fact that you are fully embracing tried and true virtual resources, and the newer ones, is exciting. We are constantly working to improve our offerings. You have continued to attend streaming storytimes and other virtual programs. Also, we appreciate the many kind comments you’ve sent to us during this very different moment in time, as we, along with you, navigate the pandemic.  
As always, during September, we observe one of those great library traditions, which is Library Card Sign Up Month. Please encourage others to go on the website, opens a new window , opens a new windowand sign up. A library card, opens a new window can provide many avenues to literacy, learning and leisure reading. Take advantage of the magic of that little card, and use it to plan your fall traditions. Perhaps you need new holiday recipes; are renovating or re-decorating your home and seeking ideas and suggestions; or want to learn a new craft; or need to research something, you can find those things at the Library. A library card can make those things happen. 
You may not yet be at the point of thinking about fall traditions. But get on with it soon, since the leaves will start to change; and temperatures are already doing a dance, from morning highs to evening lows. The stores are starting to burst with holiday items that will usher us into the new year. Your Library will be with you along the way; linking you to people, places, things, and events in old and new ways, via your library card.