Picture Book Review: What Is Given from the Heart by Patricia C. McKissak

Looking for your next read? Check out What Is Given from the Heart by Patricia C. McKissak, reviewed by Fulco Library staff at the College Park Library.

This book is about a young boy named James Otis trying to figure out what to give his classmate Sarah, whose family has recently lost everything in a fire.

Throughout the book, James has difficulties developing an idea of what to give her, especially since his family faces challenges. He comes from a low-income family, his father has just passed, and their family has just lost their farm and home and have had to move. In short, James doesn’t believe he has anything of value or significance to give to his classmate.

But then his mother reminds him of what the minister said in church Sunday two weeks before Valentine’s Day when he asked the congregation for donations for Sarah’s family; what is given from the heart reaches the heart. After careful thinking, James comes up with an idea and creates something meaningful for his classmate that money cannot buy.

With genuine illustrations, this book teaches children the importance of sharing kindness and compassion towards others. This book is truly a lovely, heartwarming story about the joy of giving.

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What Is Given From the Heart

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