Director’s Blog: December 3, 2020

Well, the biggest holiday season is now upon us. Perhaps your enthusiasm wanes since we remain in the midst of a pandemic; sometimes unusually distant from family and friends; while working to stay busy by seeking to navigate each interesting day.

A crystal ball could come in handy right about now. However, since that may not be viable, I suggest that you continue to visit, and encourage others to visit, the library's online resources. Put some books on hold. You are invited to search our educational databases; download books, movies and music on your devices; and attend daily virtual programs offered on the Library's website, opens a new window. All of those things are free to you, just by using your library card.

Additionally, I want to share with you some thoughts I've been tossing around in my head. They have to do with gift giving because for some reason, it seems to get more difficult each year for me to decide what to give others. Sometimes I ask family and friends what holiday gift they might desire and they do not have a clue.  However, this year my thoughts have turned to one word, kindness.

Perhaps I can find more ways to show, and to give, kindness. Perhaps I can help myself by thinking more kind thoughts. Maybe, instead of allowing even the small things to lead me to the other side of kindness, I can make a choice to think of that word as often as possible. So, from now until the end of the year, I invite you to join me on the quest to embrace a simple word, kindness, whenever you veer off into another direction.

Also, the Library can help. Check out our list of books on kindness. Perhaps one thing someone you know needs is a ray of hope, or a bit of sunshine, found in that one word.

And remember, don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Maybe you can't think of the perfect gifts; maybe time, and/or money, are getting away from you this year; so shopping is not something you are jumping up and down about at this moment. Slow things down and make that phone call to a distant relative, or to a friend from long ago. Walk your neighbor's dog; or sweep away the leaves from their doorstep. Smile at someone you do not even know; and laugh as if the greatest comedian you know is telling a joke, just to you.

This is the season of so many things. We are in charge of how we react to the things around us, to the holidays and to each other.

Let's take a moment and give something that is, in most cases, free: kindness. It may not cost you one penny; may not change your plans; and may not cause you to lose sleep or direction. It just may be the holiday starter that someone needs; and that someone might be you.

Happy holidays to you, your family and friends.