Director’s Blog: January 4, 2021

Now that a new year has begun, we look forward to our commitment to bring to you the best in library services. We will continue to explore new online offerings; enhanced virtual programming; an increase in print materials; and an even better website presence.  

The Fulton County Library System (FCLS) is in sync with 60% of the libraries around the nation in offering a smart approach to library services during this pandemic. This year holds much promise, although things may not always be as easy as we'd like them to be. For now, curbside service moves forward.  Staff are finding additional new ways to offer streaming program content.

Also, plans are focused on ways to celebrate the end of the library renovations, with Central, and the soon to be newly built Hapeville Library, completing the project. The Library's Capital Improvement Program's end will be a milestone accomplishment. Your patience is greatly appreciated throughout that process; as well as  your steadfast support during curbside service. Plans are ongoing with regard to offering more traditional library services. 

Please know that the staff of the FCLS teamed up, and, in some ways, surprised themselves. I was not surprised, because I've always known that there is an abundance of talent among all employees of the FCLS. Their work is greatly appreciated.  

Hopefully, 2021 will allow many things to be done that were placed on hold; and new ideas to emerge. Stay tuned to find out more. It will be fun!