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Central Artist Corner-

Central Library introduced three new artist into the 'Central Artist Corner' for the months of February/March. They are all talented individuals that offered a unique artistic style within the library. The featured artist for the month are Tracy Murrell an Atlanta-based visual artist that specialize in using resin on canvas. Tracy creates pieces that reflects the silhouette of women.  Moreover, the art capture  the poise and energy women inhabit in the world, showcasing women as graceful yet strong souls . Jennifer Diaz is a sculptor and installation artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Jennifer creates a melding of abstract and representational forms in her work, and in her main interest of exploring the idea of labor in regard to society and fine art. Jennifer has conversations with the clay, coaxing it to be a confidant in her explorations.  Lastly, Marcus E. Bishop is a native of Mississippi and currently resides in Atlanta, Ga. Bishop uses many techniques to enhance his artwork from its original state to a concept of historic meaning.



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Location: Central Library

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