Central Collection: City Directories


The Fulton County Library System Special Collections Department holds a unique collection of Atlanta City and Suburban Directories combined with the Haines Criss-Cross Directories. The comprehensive collection books dates from the 1867 Atlanta City Directory to present. In addition, the 1859-1869 Atlanta City Directory is available on microfilm. The directories provide access to unique information, over time in an easy to use format. The comprehensive nature of the information provided by the collection is remarkable, providing access to address level information about Atlanta, Fulton County and the Atlanta Metro area from 1859 to the present. This unique resources is heavily used by environmental assessment firms and contractors, historic preservationists, college professors, genealogists, historians, local government officials, teachers, students, individuals researching the history of their businesses or homes, even movie production companies and companies that do historical research for movies. The City Directories cover the period from the 1859-1860 until 1991 when they ceased publication. The Criss-Cross Directories cover the period from 1946 to the present.


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