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Vax Up Fulton!, opens a new window Fulton County CoVid vaccine information page. Fulton County free CoVid testing, opens a new window information page. Visualize the progress of vaccinations, opens a new window nationwide. State of Georgia CoVid, opens a new window information and resources. 

U.S. Department of Secretary Deb Haaland announces the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative, opens a new window. Four boarding schools still are operated by the Bureau of Indian Education, opens a new window though their purpose is no longer assimilation.

For Juneteenth 2021, opens a new window, the U.S. Census Bureau displayed a 1861 map depicting the distribution of the slave population based on the 1860 Census. 

The Environmental Protection Agency is once again publishing climate change data. See what's new, opens a new window

One of the most important results of the 2020 Census will be apportionment to determine how many seats in the U.S. House of Representatives each state will get. Learn about the process of apportionment, opens a new window. Keep up with the scheduled releases of data from the 2020 Census and other surveys, opens a new window the U.S. Census Bureau is conducting. 

White House page, opens a new window. Follow on social media for the most up-to-date news about new appointments and executive actions.

It's FAFSA time for seniors! Even if you aren't sure you'll go to college, fill out a FAFSA, opens a new window anyway. It's free. And if your family experienced a financial hardship or a medical emergency during the pandemic that isn't reflected in its 2019 tax return, file early and contact the colleges you've applied to to explain the circumstances, opens a new window.

Covid-19 in the news Fulton County epidemiology reports, opens a new windowGeorgia Department of Public Health Daily Status Report, opens a new windowHHS Protect Public Data Hub, opens a new window, collects data from hospitals nationwide. CDC COVID-19 Data Tracker, opens a new windowGovernment Response to Coronavirus, opens a new window, key pages gathered by

Atlanta region eviction tracker, opens a new window. This tracker, created by the Atlanta Regional Council, runs once a week, pulling data on legal evictions in metro area counties. Data is then merged with Census data to give percentages of evictions by census tract. 

Atlanta Police Department weekly crime data, opens a new window. This kind of data is the source for the Uniform Crime Reports, opens a new window

The only truly free credit report, opens a new window, provided by The Fair Credit Reporting Act. Beware of imposter sites.   Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are offering free weekly online reports during the pandemic. Also, in connection with various settlements, Equifax is making at least six additional free Equifax credit reports each year available online to U.S. consumers on until December 31, 2026. These reports are included in the free weekly Equifax credit reports currently offered on

USAJOBS , opens a new windowveterans may search for jobs using only their MOS codes. Jobs that appear will include "Compatible Military Assignments" under the "Qualifications" section. MOS codes may also be used on the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration's My Next Move, opens a new window page for veterans.

Latest unemployment rates, opens a new window from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. See Georgia's , opens a new windowcurrent unemployment rate (left-hand side).

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